Clean Air Essentials offers an Essential kit for all sterile compounding in a C.A.I. or a clean room, a safety kit for all hazardous compounding such as chemo & hormone, and a sleeve kit for all C.A.I. & C.A.C.I. Along with these kits & essentials, CAE 797 offers the latest up-to-date SOPs for C.A.I., C.A.C.I., cleanrooms & hoods..

Ask our representatives for the Essential Plan (EP) from our sister company IsoTech Design, and the GPO pricing which will enable you to get a yearly discount on all your essentials.

Instructional Videos

S.O.P. Operation of the C.A.I. & C.A.C.I:

Working inside the unit

Introducing items into the antechamber and into the work chamber

Exiting items from the work chamber into the antechamber and out of the unit

S.O.P. Cleaning & Decontamination of the C.A.I. & C.A.C.I.:



S.O.P. Maintenance of the C.A.I. and the C.A.C.I.:


Preventive Maintenance and HEPA filter certification

Aseptic technique for replacing the gloves

Aseptic technique for replacing the used waste bags & the sharp containers

How to change the lights in the 4′ MicroSphere™ C.A.I.

NEW Glove Changing System:

New Glove Changing Mechanism

New Cuff Extension Changing Mechanism