• Effective in 4 minutes against Clostridium difficile
    (C. diff) spores.
  • 1 minute contact time effective against a broad spectrum
    of pathogens including bacteria, antibiotic resistant bacteria,
    viruses, and fungi.
  • 12,500ppm chlorine exceeds CDC, SHEA, APIC and
    AORN recommendations.
  • Hard surface spray & wipe cleaning


  • Cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes in one labor saving step.
  • Bleach-based formula means no quat-binding concerns.
  • No rinsing required after use.
  • Fresh, clean scent in a gentle, low-odor formula.
  • Safe use on hospital-grade surfaces including stainless steel,
    porcelain, glass, plastic and glazed ceramic.


  • 1 bottle/pkg


  • 32 oz.

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