Specially designed for working with Liquid Nitrogen (LN2). They have heavy-duty cow skin and cold-proof sponge with a Canberra lining which offer you thermal protection that will keep you warm when working with extremely cold temperatures. They have the ability to endure surface wear and possess a better grip. These gloves are 45cm (17.7″) long so they protect your hands and arms. These gloves are light, comfortable, durable, and 100% water proof.

Nitrogen condenses to a liquid at –320°F (-195°C) so exposure to your skin will cause severe frostbite injuries and freezer burns. LN2 is widely used in many industries. Hospitals and doctors use it for the cryopreservation of blood and other biological fluids and as Freeze Therapy for wart removal. LN2 is important in the education community. It gives use the ability to freeze or slow matter for it to be studied. For any area of interest where Liquid Nitrogen is utilized, these cryogenic gloves are critical protection equipment.


1 pair

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